Wisconsin Valley Protection LLC

  "Where Protection Is Needed"

Wisconsin Valley Protection LLC

Personal Protection Detail

Personal Protection Detail in Milwaukee, WI.

Property Check

Our experience patrol officers will check your property location for break ins, damages, lock and unlock location and emergency response to location.

Alarm Response

Our experience patrol officers will response within 20 minutes of a alarm activation of a residential or commercial property.

Emergency Response Team

Within 48 to 72 hours our Armed or Unarmed Emergency Response Agents will respond to Hurricane Disasters, Labor Unrest Strikes, Local, State and National Disaster Response.

Executive and Personal Protection 

Our Agents will protect Corporate Executives, Management  and their families, Due to threats. The Agents travel within the United States and Overseas Locations.

CCTV Monitoring 

Our 24 Hour Communication Center will monitor your Commercial and/or Private Properties. And if any incident arises, then the communication dispatcher will dispatched out our armed patrol agents within minutes.